40-day Journey With Martin Luther

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Small Group: 40-Day Journey with Martin Luther

Edited By: Gracia Grindal. By: Martin Luther. Wishlist Wishlist. More in Day Journey Series. Advanced Search Links.

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Product Close-up. Add To Cart. Faith Alone: A Daily Devotional. A Short Life of Martin Luther. The Bondage of the Will [Hendrickson Publishers]. Related Products. Kathleen Norris. Joan Chittister.

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Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Parker Palmer. Have a question about this product? Read them slowly, focus on each word or phrase, savor them, explore possible meanings and implications. At the end of each day you will find a blank page with the heading Notes. As you meditate on the readings, jot down any insights that occur to you.

Do the readings raise any questions for you? Write them down. Do the readings suggest anything you should do? Write it down.

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Stay at it as long as it feels useful. When your mind is ready to move on, close your eyes and observe your breath for a minute or so. Then return to the book and the next heading—Questions to Ponder. Here you will find a few pointed questions on the reading from Luther and the Scripture. These are general questions intended for all Christians and communities of faith. Think them through and write your answers and the implications of your answers for your own life of faith and for your community of faith in the Notes section.

When you have finished with the Questions to Ponder, move on to the Psalm Fragment. Luther was a Professor of Old Testament, and he lived pas- sionately in the psalms. He thought of them as the prayers of Jesus that we could also pray with Christ. The Psalm Fragment is a brief passage from one of the Psalms that relates to what you have already read. Again, read it slowly and savor the words. Following the Psalm Fragment, you will find the heading Journal Reflec- tions.

Several suggestions for journaling are given that apply the readings to your own personal experience. It would be best to buy a separate journal rather than use the Notes section of the book. For a journal you can use a spiral-bound or ring-bound notebook or one of the. Below are some suggestions for how to keep a journal. The Questions to Ponder and Journal Reflections exercises are meant to assist you in reflecting on the Luther and Scripture quotations. Do not feel that you have to answer every question. You may choose which questions or exercises are most helpful to you.

After Journal Reflections, you will find two more headings. The first is Prayers for the Life of Faith. Luther recommended that we bring simply everything to God in prayer and these suggestions are merely ideas that bubble up from the readings. A journal is a very helpful tool.

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Keeping a journal is a form of meditation, a profound way of getting to know yourself—and God—more deeply. Writing is generative: it enables you to have thoughts you would not otherwise have had.

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A few hints for journaling 1. Write in your journal with grace. Just write freely. Your goal is simply to generate thoughts pertinent to your own life and get them down on paper. You may want to begin and end your journaling with prayer.

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  • Ask for the guidance and wisdom of the Spirit and thank God for that guid- ance and wisdom when you are done. If your journaling takes you in directions that go beyond the journal- ing questions in your day book, go there. Let the questions encour- age, not limit your writing. Respond honestly. Write down what you really do believe, in so far as you can identify that.

    Questions are often openings to spiritual growth. Carry your day book and journal around with you every day dur- ing your journey only keep them safe from prying eyes. Your mind and heart and spirit will be engaged all day, and it will be helpful to have your book and journal handy to take notes or make new entries as they occur to you.

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    It would be best for each person to first do his or her own reading, reflection, and writing in solitude. Then when you come together, share the insights you have gained from your time alone. Your discussion will probably focus on the Questions to Ponder, however, if the rela- tionship is intimate, you may feel comfortable sharing some of what you have written in your journal. No one, however, should ever be pressured to share anything in their journal if they are not comfortable doing so.

    Remember that your goal is to learn from one another, not to argue, nor to prove that you are right and the other person wrong. Just practice listening and trying to understand why your partner, friend, or colleague thinks as he or she does. Practicing intercessory prayer together, you will find, will strengthen the spiritual bonds of those who take the journey together.

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    And as you all work to translate insight into action, sharing your experience with each other is a way of encouraging and guiding each other and provides the opportunity to correct each other gently if that becomes necessary. One goal of the day series is to introduce you to a particular spiritual guide with the hope that, having whet your appetite, you will want to keep the journey going. At the end of the book are some suggestions for further reading that will take you deeper on your journey with Martin Luther. Martin Luther stands at the hinge of the last millennium.