Dielectric Resonator Antennas

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Dielectric Materials for Compact Dielectric Resonator Antenna Applications

Before that he was working as senior scientific officer in Ministry of Defence, Government of India. He has a total of 31 years of experience in teaching and research. He is author of a book on MHD Antenna, Design and Applications and has published several papers in reputed journals and conferences.

He has supervised B.

Dr. Jan Järveläinen

Tech projects, 11 MTech projects, and is currently supervising 7 Phd students. He holds an M. He is author of more than eleven books and has guided several Phd students. He holds his Phd and B. Tech degrees from IIT Delhi. Save to Library. Create Alert.

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Design and Implementation of Circularly Polarized Dielectric Resonator Antenna

References Publications referenced by this paper. Theoretical and experimental resonant frequencies of rectangular dielectric resonators Rajiv K.

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Denidni , A. Coaxial fed hexagonal dielectric resonator antenna for circular polarization Vettikalladi Hamsakutty , A. By continuing to use our site, you agree to our use of cookies.

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With the rise of 5G and other wireless millimeter-wave applications, there has been an increase in front-end antenna solutions that depend on monopole, dipole, and patch antennas. In these devices, the radiation efficiency tends to suffer due to the effect of lossy silicon substrate materials.

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Enter the dielectric resonator: Antennas using these resonators made of nonmetallic materials have a higher radiation efficiency. To increase directivity and gain at high frequencies, engineers can optimize dielectric resonator antenna DRA designs with simulation.

Simulation of plasma filled hemispherical cavity as dielectric resonator antenna - IOPscience

In the late s, Lord Rayleigh discovered that a long rod made of a dielectric i. Scientists continued to study the electromagnetic phenomena surrounding these materials, but there were no practical applications yet. In , American physicist Robert Richtmyer showed that dielectric rods can also act as resonators. He also proved that this type of resonator radiates because of the boundary conditions at the interface where the dielectric material meets air.

A disassembled RF diplexer at a 5-GHz range with 2 dielectric resonator waveguide filters and 9 transverse resonator stages per filter. Image by wdwd — Own work. Later on, DRAs were used as filter element devices in microwave circuits.

Starting in the s, they started to get smaller and could operate at higher frequencies, enabling electrical engineers to further develop application areas such as wireless communication. Today, DRAs are common in satellite and radar systems and are even used in nanophotonics. They also show potential in developing application areas like 5G technology.

There are many advantages to DRAs. Not only are they low cost and easy to make, they are also flexible in pattern, bandwidth, feed system, and polarization.