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The Mill on the Floss Study Guide. In Course Hero. Accessed September 25, The narrator directly addresses the reader, describing the great Floss River and the black ships, "laden with the fresh-scented fir-planks, with rounded sacks of oil-bearing seed, or with the dark glitter of coal," moving toward the town of St. Nearby, the tributary of the Ripple flows into the Floss, and the narrator walks along it, arriving at Dorlcote Mill.

Suddenly he wakes, realizing he has been dreaming of standing on the bridge in front of the mill as it looked on a February afternoon many years ago. He now commences to tell what Mr. Tulliver were discussing before the fire in their left-hand parlor.

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Tulliver , owner of Dorlcote Mill, tells his wife, Mrs. Bessy Tulliver, that he plans to remove Tom from his current day school and send him out of town for a better education. He wishes for Tom to acquire the kind of knowledge that will put him on an equal footing with the lawyers and arbitrators with whom Mr. Tulliver has had contentious dealings over his water rights. Tulliver's mill is on a tributary of the great Floss River, and he uses its water power to grind grain. In the course of the novel he has arguments with another mill owner as well as a farmer who is using the river for irrigation.

Tulliver thinks he had better ask her family their opinion, and Mr.

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Tulliver responds that he will do what he thinks best for his own son. He worries that Tom might be slow, since he takes after his mother's side, while his nine-year-old daughter is smart and takes after his side, although "an over-'cute woman's no better than a long-tailed sheep—she'll fetch none the bigger price for that. Tulliver then begins complaining about Maggie's naughtiness, absent-mindedness, unruly black hair, and brown skin, which doesn't run on her side of the family.

She compares Maggie to her niece Lucy, a blonde child whom she is sure takes more after herself than her own mother, Mrs. Maggie won't keep away from the water, and Mrs.

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Tulliver doesn't doubt she'll "tumble in and be drownded some day. Tulliver asks his educated friend, Mr. Riley, about how he might further educate Tom. Tulliver wants to put him into business, he says, so that he can "make a nest for himself, an' not want to push me out o' mine. When Mr. Riley asks what she is reading, she tells him it is The History of the Devil , by Daniel Defoe, in which a woman suspected of witchery is thrown in the water: whether she swims to save herself proving she's a witch or drowns proving her innocence , she is doomed.

Riley counsels her to read a "prettier" book, and she takes The Pilgrim's Progress from an old bookcase to show him a picture of the devil fighting with Christian. At this point an embarrassed Mr. Tulliver chases Maggie into the kitchen.

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