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Sizes range from extra small, such as a small metal capsule no bigger than a half inch or a small pill bottle, to a large container big enough to contain multiple small prizes. You will likely be very surprised at how many caches are within walking distance from your own home! Muggles are non-geocachers. Sound a little like Harry Potter to you? Your email address will not be published.

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GPS and Geocaching - Teletrac Navman

Having found this cache, you can now enter your exploits in the logbook and online as well. You can also take objects other than the logbook, pencil, or stamp as long as you leave something of similar or higher value, usually some of your own other personal items to share with the global geocaching community. Before you even saunter off into the great outdoors, do a bit of research. Many cache pages offer hints that will help you figure out where to look, without giving anything away.

Other geocachers who may have just been recently around leave notes about their exploits finding the cache, a personal account of sorts about their own search. You might find some valuable information based on their recent activities, and some might even include cleverly written hints in their logs. Your GPS or smartphone will only get you within about 30 feet of the cache location.

Cache containers can come in all sizes, shapes, and colors. Some might be disguised or passed off as everyday objects, or hidden inside something, or under something else. Geocaches might be cleverly hidden, but as a rule, they should never be buried.

A Beginners Guide to Geocaching With Kids

Please note: To have the app find a location near you, you may have to give the app permission to use your location. You will have to do that for this to work. Once the GPS kicks in and finds your location, the app will automatically show you the caches around you shown as green and gray dots in the pic above. The green dots are geocaches you can find with just the Basic Level. The geocaches that are gray are only available via the Premium Level. Some of the tougher caches and features are not available from within the Basic Level with the Geocaching app.

You can view your Profile, can send Messages, and can view the Map. Lists are for Premium Level subscribers.

What is geocaching?

I will admit that I found the grayed out caches frustrating. In addition, I missed the Lists feature that would give me info on the caches around me you can get that feature in Premium Level now. So I decided to try a different app to see if some of the features I want can be found using another app.

Hike or seek this season

Cachly is an API partner with Geocaching. All of your data and finds, regardless of which app you use, will be held at Geocaching. As you can see, it looks very similar. One thing I immediately noticed was some of the grayed out caches in the Geocaching app are available to me in the Cachly app. The Dizzy Bizzy cache that is highlighted above was a grayed out cache within the Geocaching app. Cachly is included in that limit. At the top of the screen, you have the option to see nearby caches as a List which will show you a list of nearby caches or by Map as seen above.

The circular icon is a refresh for your location. Difficulty and Terrain: The person who creates and hides the geocache will grade it for difficulty as in how tough of a puzzle and terrain is it an easy walk or a steep climb so you can decide if this is a hunt you want to pursue. Keep in mind this is decision made by the creator of the cache.

What is easy to one person may be harder for another. The distance and direction from your current location to the cache is listed under the name. Caches can be micro and tiny the size of your finger tip or large a big box.

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A tracking bug is a physical item that is in the cache itself. The tracking bug has an identifying number on it.

For this example, I chose a geocache in a park that was close to me. The geocache I chose now appears on the screen with details specific to that cache.