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Consider organizing files by year or by month. Subfolders help create logical groups within your larger categories. For example, within a client folder, you might have separate subfolder for each project. Then within the project, you may have further subfolders for correspondence and contracts.

The relationship between organised recreational activity and mental health

Even if you know the right folder to look in, finding the correct version of a file can be hard. One way to help is to create subfolders for the stages of a task. Use the Final folder for any documents that are completed and approved. For example, if you were doing a print brochure, you would put the final press-ready version in this folder. Then use the Archive folder to store old materials for reference, like notes, research, scrapped ideas, etc. Here are a few best practices from Stanford :. Create template folders that you can copy and paste to keep your structure consistent.

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Rather than duplicating the file, create a shortcut. You can then move that shortcut to another location, but your original file stays in the same place. That way, you avoid the danger of having different versions of the same file.

Links between group activities and mental health Participation in sport and recreation activities can reduce stress, anxiety and depression. Direct links Numerous studies and reviews demonstrate associations between social interaction and mental wellbeing. Indirect Links Extensive evidence shows that social participation and social support increases participation in physical activity 18, 19 and engagement in physical activity is strongly associated with mental health. Summary The relationship between participation in organized sport, recreation and mental health is shown in Figure 1.

A number of themes were consistent across the literature: Social support, social networks and social cohesion provided by group activities enhance the mental health and wellbeing of a community.

Limitations Research relating to the relationship between participation in organized sport and risk-taking behaviour has had mixed results. Community-based programs for people with disabilities should be initiated through mainstream sport and recreation.

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Emily B. Kahn Leigh T. Ramsey Ross C. Heath Elizabeth H. Howze Kenneth E. Powell Elaine J.

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