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Our telescopes haven't directly detected it. But it sure seems like it's out there. Bonaca's evidence for the dark impactor, which she presented April 15 at the conference of the American Physical Society in Denver, is a series of holes in our galaxy's longest stellar stream , GD Stellar streams are lines of stars moving together across galaxies, often originating in smaller blobs of stars that collided with the galaxy in question.

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The stars in GD-1, remnants of a " globular cluster " that plunged into the Milky Way a long time ago, are stretched out in a long line across our sky. Under normal conditions, the stream should be more or less a single line, stretched out by our galaxy's gravity, she said in her presentation. Astronomers would expect a single gap in the stream, at the point where the original globular cluster was before its stars drifted away in two directions. But Bonaca showed that GD-1 has a second gap. And that gap has a ragged edge — a region Bonaca called GD-1's "spur" — as if something huge plunged through the stream not long ago, dragging stars in its wake with its enormous gravity.

GD-1, it seems, was hit with that unseen bullet.

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So there are just no stars of that mass. We can rule that out.

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  6. And if it were a black hole, it would be a supermassive black hole of the kind we find at the center of our own galaxy. It's not impossible that there's a second supermassive black hole in our galaxy, Bonaca said. But we'd expect to see some sign of it, like flares or radiation from its accretion disk. And most large galaxies seem to have just a single supermassive black hole at their center.

    With no giant, bright objects visible zipping away from GD-1, and no evidence for a hidden, second supermassive black hole in our galaxy, the only obvious option left is a big clump of dark matter. But it's hard to entirely rule out a luminous object, in part because the researchers don't know how fast it was moving during the impact. It may have been moving very fast, but not quite as heavy as expected — a true dark bullet — Bonaca said.

    Or it could have been moving more slowly but been very massive — a sort of dark hammer. Without an answer to that question, it's impossible to be certain where the thing would have ended up. Right now, researchers don't know what dark matter is. Our universe seems to act like the luminous matter, the stuff we can see is just a small fraction of what's out there.

    Galaxies bind together as if there's something heavy inside them, clustered in their centers and creating enormous gravity. I am open-minded about whether RWER should become a dating agency. Mind you I would certainly be impressed if my newly found partner wanted to discuss DSGE or the fault lines of neo-keynesism at the dinner table!

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    The graphical representation illustrates very interesting cultural contrasts, even so, I advise avoiding DSGE with a romantic partner, especially at the dinner table. The US part of the statistics clearly illustrates arresting of cultural evolution and the harnessing of humanity to finance totalitarianism at about They have all leveled off in a clear example of representative democracies representing capital and imposing austerity on the masses to make up for the free lunch a sick Earth no longer supplies capitalist thieves.

    Does my impression of these statistics say anything about French collective prescience? Michael, I agree that quantitative economics alone has little to do with the quotient of happiness once physical needs are satisfied. Part of the reason that we pay attention is a portion of our species is stricken with the mental illness of insatiable want. One rotten apple really can spoil an entire barrel.

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    So travel back in time as a buddhist. Many economists would jump in and start making models at this point. I wonder if you as a buddhist thinker might urge a little patience. Big bang has barely begun banging, even now, today, we are unsure about what it is actually doing. Five hundred billion degree primordial plasma where nothing was. It is dark and expanding into the fertile field of absolutely nothing in all three directions at somewhere near the normal speed of an explosion.

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    Quarks begin to precipitate on the outer edge, their attraction to each other increases with the distance between them. They rush toward each other in the shortest possible distance by creating a new dimension we call time.

    The quarkian urge to mate and create something entirely new is so intense they dragged billowing big bang outward through the shortest distance in four dimensions. Sex drive causes inflation and created time, a point few economists include in their models. Eventually so many quarks mate and make interesting new beings that hydrogen is born, where quarks can rest peacefully, close together in nuclear beds, until gravity comes into play and a star is born. Humanity now has a photograph of a Young astrophysicists secured time on the big telescope atop Maunakea, Hawaii.

    Something Strange Punched a Hole in the Milky Way. But What Exactly Is It?

    They knew what they were looking for, pointed the big telescope and clicked. Here you can see a popped bubble of primordial plasma. The bubble pop energy resulted in a ring of many galaxies as big as our milky way. The popped bubble left a hole that goes still deeper into time. Pure blue galaxies with only blue hydrogen stars can be seen deep in the bubble and along the walls of its outward passage into the fertile field of nothingness.

    Primordial black may be visible deeper. So now we are a mature species that can look directly into the past and know where we come from.

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    Among us are ignorant quantifiers wanting to own it all as in a game of monopoly. They force us to consider social organization that can banish insatiable capitalist want to an isolated golf estate for ever. Import it to you computer for full size view. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

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