The Exploitation of Mammal Populations

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The Exploitation of Mammal Populations

The principal crops, including wheat and barley, were taken into agriculture at about the same time, and the resulting Neolithic farming culture spread slowly from there over the subsequent 10 years. In a few places such as Mexico, Peru and China, this Middle Eastern culture met and merged with agricultural traditions that had made a similar but independent transition. These agricultural traditions provided the essential support for the industrial revolution, and for a third phase of industrial exploita tion of mammals.

In this chapter, these themes are drawn out and their ecological signifi cance is investigated. Some of the impacts of humans on other mammals require consideration on a world-wide basis, but the chapter concen trates, parochially, on Great Britain. What have been the ecological consequences of our exploitation of other mammals?

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Historical dichotomies in the exploitation of mammals. Zimbabwe a model for the sustainable use of wildlife and the development of innovative wildlife management practices. The wild fur trade historical and ecological perspectives. Assessing the impacts of uses of mammals the good the bad and the neutral.

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Status and exploitation of the saiga antelope in Kalmykia. Capybara use and conservation in South America. Sustainable use of whales whaling or whale watching? The impact of game meat hunting on target and nontarget species in the Serengeti.

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Subsistence hunting and mammal conservation in a Kenyan coastal forest resolving a conflict. The impact of sport hunting a case study. Studies of English red deer populations subject to huntingtohounds. Sustainable utilization the lessons of history. Search icon A magnifying glass.

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Twitter icon A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. LinkedIn icon The word "in". Fliboard icon A stylized letter F. Brachyteles arachnoides, or a charcoal monkey, pictured in Brazil in New research shows mammal populations in Brazil's Atlantic Forest have been cut in half after centuries of human exploitation.