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What we didn't want to do is do an Americana soundtrack in the sense that we didn't want to do the kind of top-shelf. We wanted to make this music ourselves. And what I mean by "ourselves" is we actually play it—me and Warren and a couple of musicians that we know, even though we don't know anything about bluegrass music or our bluegrass chops are pretty limited.

And in that way we could get something that was very raw and brutal and punky, and that's what we were really aiming at rather than doing something that was more respectful of the genre. We were determined to take these songs and do them in our own way. The site's critical consensus reads, "Grim, bloody, and utterly flawed, Lawless doesn't quite achieve the epic status it strains for, but it's too beautifully filmed and powerfully acted to dismiss.

David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter wrote: "If Lawless doesn't achieve the mythic dimensions of the truly great outlaw and gangster movies, it is a highly entertaining tale set in a vivid milieu, told with style and populated by a terrific ensemble. For those of us who are suckers for blood-soaked American crime sagas from that era, those merits will be plenty. If you've seen even a handful of Tommy-gun movies, however, everything that happens here will feel preordained".

As a serious film worthy of the Cannes Competition, Lawless tries to be flawless; as a movie, it's often listless—lifeless. Our heroes manage to ensnare the affections of preposterously exquisite young women, and the final flurry of self-adoring nostalgia is borderline-nauseating.

Owen Gleiberman of Entertainment Weekly gave Lawless a B grade, writing: "Hardy's presence is compelling, but the film comes fully alive only when it turns bloody. At those moments, though, it has the kick of a mule. There's even a prologue and an epilogue, arty tropes signifying an attempt to make a Godfather -style epic out of these moonshine wars. Not happening. I can only admire this film's craftsmanship and acting, and regret its failure to rise above them. Its characters live by a barbaric code that countenances murder. They live or die in a relentless hail of gunfire.

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It's not so much that the movie is too long, as that too many people must be killed before it can end. Claudia Puig of USA Today gave the film 2 stars out of 4, writing: "The unflinching slicing and dicing is viscerally brutal, but without sufficient character development Lawless simply feels lifeless. I saw a standard revenge picture played at half-speed. Scott of The New York Times similarly wrote:. This is weak and cloudy moonshine: it doesn't burn or intoxicate. A soundtrack for the film was released on August 28, [42].

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Lawless Theatrical release poster. Nick Cave Warren Ellis. The Numbers. It comes highly recommended. This book is a very informational and may even be considered educational, aimed to show people the different ways poetry can enrich their lives. The book shows us benefits of poetry in a language aspect, a well as human communication and much more. After reading this book, your view and understanding of poetry will be completely different, I assure you.

You will learn a great deal. You can tell James Lawless did his homework on this book. An amazing amount of research must have been done, I can only imagine the hours put into this. He did a great job, I am very impressed. I highly recommend this book. If this is your kind of thing, then you will be happy with this book. While I am no authority on poetry, it is clear that in this book we have here a serious study of poetry. You may ask why should a non-authority on poetry have a say on such a book?

If poetry is for the masses, then it could be argued that if it appeals to me, then it should appeal to others. In an attempt to be partly poetic myself, I would like to say that we live in a world full of machines. Day by day our world is becoming more and more artificial. True human values seem to be diminishing in face of these machines and infrastructures.

It could be argued that modern society is obliging us to ignore base human values and become more machine like. Poetry allows us to look into our hearts, into our very souls, yet it is a medium that is very difficult to comprehend. For this you need a true creative and insightful mind.

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I, for one, found it in this book and this author. Even though such studies are supposedly boring stuff, I found this book to be quite easy to digest and take in. It is written in a very readable format. Lawless covers many aspects of poetry and some of the greatest poets are discussed in an interesting writing style. The book describes admirably the ups and downs of poetry from old age and the role it has played in shaping our societies. As mentioned earlier, in this modern technological era we live in, people need even more than ever poetry.

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